Announcing new service for the Hudson Valley region of New York. 

Good Intent Farm furniture is now available though a great little shop in North Carolina, complete with custom design services, direct home delivery and sensible pricing.

We've been told more than a few time there is a good amount of stuff that looks like ours being sold up your way and funny thing is we have not built anything for a shop up there in nearly three years.  If you have been led to believe you have been sold custom pieces from Good Intent Farm during this period, please let us, or better them, know that something may be up. 

In no way are we implying anything fishy is going on, it's just that it has been mentioned to us enough to notice that perhaps some folks could potentially have been misled either by using this site to select items or colors.  Go figure. 

Could be that nothing wrong has occurred and we can only hope for the best.

In the meantime, we have a terrific shop in North Carolina that has offered to represent out work in the Hudson Valley and offer Carolina pricing, custom design service and free home delivery.

Email us for details: